Diane Lane

Born: January 22, 1965
Sign: Aquarius
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Country: United States
Height: 5’5″

Look up “MILF” in the dictionary, and you should see a picture of actress Diane Lane. An actress who has taken on many revealing roles throughout her career while carrying an elegant and classic beauty.

Diane Lane Nude Scenes

Unfaithful (2002)

Unfaithful From the director of Fatal Attraction comes “a steamy thriller” about physical passion so intense, it consumes everything – and everyone – in its path. Edward and Connie Summer (Richard Gere, Diane Lane) have the perfect life: a happy marriage, an eight year old son, and a beautiful house in the suburbs. But when Connie’s chance encounter with a handsome stranger erupts into a full-blown affair, desire becomes obsession, and the true price of betrayal takes a shattering toll.

Diane Lane Nude Scenes:

  1. Diane Lane shows off her breasts from several angles while sitting in a bath tub. Then she shows her bare bottom as she climbs out and puts on a robe.
  2. Diane Lane has her supple breasts fondled from behind after a guy unhooks her bra.
  3. Diane Lane gets her breast squeezed before showing off her bare butt as she has hard sex against a bathroom wall.

A Walk on the Moon (1999)

A Walk on the Moon Diane Lane, Liev Schreiber, and Viggo Mortensen in a provocative and sensual story about one woman’s personal sexual revolution! It’s the summer of 1969 and Pearl (Lane) is spending yet another vacation with her family when she realizes that the freedom of the times is passing her by. Following a chance meeting with a sexy, free-spirited young man (Mortensen), Pearl is soon doing the unthinkable: having a daring, passionate affair! Also starring Anna Paquin in a powerful motion picture that’s been called one of the year’s best — Pearl must ultimately decide between the love of her husband and children … or the lure of her new found desires!

Diane Lane Nude Scenes:

  1. Underneath a waterfall, we see Diane Lane having sex with a guy and showing her breasts from several angles.
  2. Diane Lane shows us her breast in slow-motion as she hugs a guy and spins around.

Knight Moves (1993)

Knight Moves A brilliant, but trouble boy who spent twenty years in and out of asylums and foster care, now seems to have become one of the youngest, most successful chess grandmasters in history. A widower with a precious daughter, he suddenly finds himself a suspect in his casual lover’s murder. When more homicides occur police detectives discover that a serial killer is at work on the New England island. With our chess master becoming more and more connected to the deaths, shrink Kathy Sheppard is brought in to figure out if this chess prodigy is as innocent as he claims to be.

Diane Lane Nude Scenes:

  1. Diane Lane removes her top so that he can ride a guy while he kisses on her bare breasts.

Chaplin (1992)

Chaplin Robert Downey, jr. captures the essence of comic genius Charlie Chaplin in a compelling, nuanced performance that earned him Oscar(r) and Golden Globe nominations for Best Actor. Director Richard Attenborough’s well-crafted portrait traces Chaplin’s impoverished London upbringing, extraordinary success as an actor and director, his troubled marriages, scandalous affairs, shocking exile to Switzerland and his triumphant return to Hollywood.

Diane Lane Nude Scenes:

  1. Diane Lane adjusts the sheets while lying in bed to expose her breasts.

Vital Signs (1990)

Vital Signs Jimmy Smits heads an all-star cast in this fast-pace romantic drama about medical students trying to meet the demands of love, ambition and competition. As they enter their third year of medical school, a group of young students prepare to leave the world of textbooks for the halls of a real hospital. Somehow, they must impress the chief of Surgery (Smits) while learning how to survive the life-and-death area of medicine and the complexity of their everyday lives.

Diane Lane Nude Scenes:

  1. Diane Lane shows off a see-through white bra, which is removed to reveal a nice pair of breasts. Fully nude, she then has great sex against a wall with her legs wrapped around a guy.

The Big Town (1987)

The Big Town Matt Dillon stars as a small-time gambler in 1950′s Chicago. He moves from rural Illinois to Chicago to pursure his incredible luck at dice. While working for professional gamblers, he falls in love with both a stripper (Diane Lane) and a pretty unwed mother (Suzy Amis).

Diane Lane Nude Scenes:

  1. Diane Lane riding a guy while topless shows off her nice breasts. The guy can’t resist reaching up to squeeze them.

Ladies And Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains (1982)

Ladies And Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains Recently orphaned Corrine (Diane Lane) enlists her cousin (Laura Dern) and sister (Marin Kanter) to launch a punk rock band, The Stains. Three rehearsals later, The Stains score the opening slot on a cross-country tour with aging metal act The Metal Corpses (led by Fee Waybill of The Tubes) and British punk rockers The Looters (real-life punk pioneers Paul Simonon from The Clash and Steve Jones and Paul Cook of the Sex Pistols). The Stains meteoric rise (and equally lightening-quick fall) owes more to TV exposure than to talent.

Diane Lane Nude Scenes:

  1. Diane Lane gives a glimpse of her breast and bare butt as she drops a towel to step into the shower.