Nicole Kidman

Born: June 20, 1967
Sign: Gemini
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Country: United States
Height: 5’10″

Nicole Kidman is an award winning Australian actress who was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. This redheaded vixen has ranked as the highest paid actress and is well known for taking on seductive revealing roles.

Nicole Kidman Nude Scenes

Fur – An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus (2006)

Fur - An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus From the window of her immaculate New York apartment, lonely housewife Diane Arbus (Kidman) locks eyes with a masked figure on the street, a mysterious new neighbor (Downey, Jr.) whose penetrating gaze strips the veneer off her tidy reality. Mysteriously drawn to the man that intrigues her and determined to take his photograph, Diane ventures to his apartment and embarks on a journey that will unlock her deepest secrets, awaken her remarkable artistic genius, and launches Diane on her path to becoming the artist she is meant to be.

Nicole Kidman Nude Scenes:

  1. Nicole Kidman removes her unbuttoned dress for glimpse of her breast and bare butt as she slides into bed. We see more of her butt, from a side angle, while she grinds on top of him during sex.

Birth (2004)

Birth As directed by Jonathan Glazer (Sexy Beast) and dimly lit by cinematographer Harris Savides, Birth is a melancholy chamber piece, its pensive mood sustained by nearly sub-sonic nuances in a fine, thematically developed score by Alexandre Desplat. All of these fine qualities are well-matched by the somber performance of Nicole Kidman, playing a still-grieving widow of 10 years, about to remarry when a 10-year-old boy (Cameron Bright) arrives to announce that he is her dead husband, reincarnated and full of convincing answers to personal marital questions.

Nicole Kidman Nude Scenes:

  1. Nicole Kidman is nude laying underneath a guy in bed as they have sex – shot from above. We see her left nipple several times as they move around.

The Human Stain (2003)

The Human Stain Anthony Hopkins and Nicole Kidman, along with Gary Sinise and Ed Harris, star in the provocative mystery The Human Stain. Coleman Silk (Hopkins) has a secret. A terrible 50-year-old secret that the esteemed college professor has kept hidden from everyone — including his wife, his children, and his down-and-out young lover (Kidman) — and it’s about to ruin his entire life.

Nicole Kidman Nude Scenes:

  1. Nicole Kidman is on her side laying nude in a bed with her breasts visible as she moves her arm.
  2. Nicole strips her top while doing a sexy dance for a guy, showing her breasts and hard nipples.

Cold Mountain (2003)

Cold Mountain Freely adapted from Charles Frazier’s beloved bestseller, Cold Mountain boasts an impeccable pedigree as a respectable Civil War love story, offering everything you’d want from a romantic epic except a resonant emotional core. Everything in this sweeping, Odyssean journey depends on believing in the instant love that ignites during a very brief encounter between genteel, city-bred preacher’s daughter Ada (Nicole Kidman) and Confederate soldier Inman (Jude Law), who deserts the battlefield to return, weary and wounded, to Ada’s inherited farm in the rural town of Cold Mountain, North Carolina.

Nicole Kidman Nude Scenes:

  1. Nicole Kidman shows a glimpse of her bush during a love scene as a guy reaches his hand between her legs. She pulls down her shirt to show breast and a very erect nipple as they have sex.

Birthday Girl (2001)

Birthday Girl The irresistible Nicole Kidman powers a sexy thriller where appearances can be deceiving and nothing ends as expected! A lonely and repressed bank employee, John Buckingham desperately wants to meet the right girl. Then, through a Russian mail-order bride service, he is introduced to Nadia (Kidman), a quiet and attractive woman who doesn’t speak English. After several sensual encounters, John’s fondness for Nadia grows … until the sudden arrival of Nadia’s two gregarious cousins makes John realize that he’s in over his head.

Nicole Kidman Nude Scenes:

  1. Nicole Kidman is laying facedown on a bed name and briefly has sex with a guy. When she gets up we see her bare butt.

Eyes Wide Shut (1999)

Unfaithful Stanley Kubrick s daring last film is a bracing psychosexual journey, a riveting suspense tale and a career milestone for stars Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. Cruise plays a doctor who plunges into an erotic foray that threatens his marriage and may ensnare him in a murder mystery after his wife s (Kidman) admission of sexual longings. As the story sweeps from doubt and fear to self-discovery and reconciliation, Kubrick orchestrates it with masterful flourishes. Graceful tracking shots, rich colors, startling images: bravura traits that make Kubrick a filmmaker for the ages are here to keep everyone s eyes wide open.

Nicole Kidman Nude Scenes:

  1. Nicole Kidman gives shows her amazing rear and legs after sliding out of a black dress and standing fully nude.
  2. Nicole stands fully nude showing us her bare butt from behind with her breasts reflecting in the mirror as she starts to make out.
  3. Nicole Kidman standing bare-ass naked shot from behind. As the camera pans, she puts on a black bra we see her left nipple from the side.
  4. Nicole walks around in a thin sheer top showing off her nipples in the bedroom.
  5. During a series of flashbacks we see Nicole on a bed in various stages of undress (fully clothed to fully nude) making out with a sailor.

Malice (1993)

Malice Easy-going college dean Andy Safian’s (Pullman) quiet New England world has just been terribly disrupted. Two coeds have been raped, a third has been killed and the police are beginning to suspect him! At home, bills are piling up, his wife (Kidman) is developing severe stomach cramps and the new tenants devilishly handsome surgeon (Baldwin) is regularly entertaining nurses late into the night. Little does Andy know that all of these events are related and that he’s about to be blindsided by something more daring and deadly than anything he could have ever imagined!

Nicole Kidman Nude Scenes:

  1. Nicole Kidman in bed displaying her perfect round buttocks as she gets on Bill Pullman.

Billy Bathgate (1991)

Billy Bathgate Dustin Hoffman stars in the action-packed gangster epic detailing the rise and fall of notorious mobster Dutch Schultz as seen through the eyes of his young protege, Billy Bathgate. Billy, an ambitious streetwise kid seduced by the power, money, and glamour of crime, soon begins to seriously question if his passport to the good life is going to come from the fiery Dutch and his gang! Critically acclaimed and co-starring Bruce Willis and Nicole Kidman, Billy Bathgate delivers motion picture excitement you won’t want to miss!

Nicole Kidman Nude Scenes:

  1. Nicole Kidman drops her towel while standing in front of a few mirrors to reveal her fully nude (breasts, bush, butt) body from multiple angles.
  2. Nicole dives into the water completely nude. We see her full frontal nude as gets out and is wrapped in a towel.

Dead Calm (1989)

Dead Calm In a role that catapulted her to international stardom, Nicole Kidman plays a young wife who’s joined her husband (Sam Neill) on a yachting trip to recover from the tragic death of their son. Far out to sea, they encounter a sinking ship with one survivor (Billy Zane), but inviting him aboard turns out to be a very bad mistake. While Neill attempts to salvage the sinking boat, Kidman is fighting for her life against the psychotic Zane–a villain so creepy that you eagerly look forward to his demise.

Nicole Kidman Nude Scenes:

  1. Nicole Kidman gets on top of a guy who wisely tears her shorts off to reveal her amazing butt. They start to have sex on the floor and Nicole also shows us a breast.