Kate Beckinsale

Born: July 26, 1973
Sign: Aquarius
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Country: United Kingdom
Height: 5’8″

Kate Beckinsale is an alluring actress best known for her roles in Pearl Harbor (2001), Underworld (2003), and Van Helsing (2004), though she has done several revealing and nude scenes in less mainstream movies.

Kate Beckinsale Nude Scenes

Laurel Canyon (2003)

Laurel Canyon When young psychiatrist Sam (Christian Bale), the son of record producer Jane (Frances McDormand), brings his girlfriend Alex (Kate Beckinsale) to stay at his mother’s house, he’s expecting that Jane will be gone–but a delay in finishing an album with a British rocker named Ian (Alessandro Nivola) has kept her there. Instantly, the tensions of Sam’s counterculture childhood set off a series of betrayals and attractions that threaten to wreck Sam and Alex’s relationship. Director Lisa Cholodenko has a keen eye for the behavior, delineating doctors and musicians by the ways they talk and greet each other–it’s an almost anthropological study of different tribes.

Kate Beckinsale Nude Scenes:

  1. (Sexy) Kate Beckinsale takes a dip in a pool with another couple wearing her bra. She splashes around a bit before making out with Frances McDormand.

Uncovered (1995)

Uncovered Julia (Kate Beckinsale), a beautiful art restorer is pulled into a shadowy world of murder when through her work, she discovers an unsolved murder from centuries ago that seems to have triggered a new wave of murders. As those closest to the painting die – it becomes a race to find out who is behind the murders – and why – before she becomes the next victim.

Kate Beckinsale Nude Scenes:

  1. Kate Beckinsale reveals her breast while laying in a guy’s lap on a couch, which he then squeezes and sucks on.
  2. Kate removes her bra while walking in her white panties showing both breasts from the front.
  3. Kate is sitting on the edge of a couch completely naked from the side. She shows us her breasts when she grabs a blanket to cover up.